List of All Titles in Pubg Mobile & How to Get Them Easily

Titles in Pubg Mobile: Titles in Pubg is a Badge that Describes Your Some Special Skills & Achievements. Pubg title can be Obtained by Performing Some Special task. Mainly, There are Two Types Of titles are there in Pubg Mobile i.e. Permanent and Temporary. A title such as Overachiever, Weapon Master, Perfectionist, etc. is permanent while #1 Grenadier, #32 Long Shot, partner’s BFF. etc are Temporary.

In this article, we are Going to See Almost All titles in PUBG Mobile and How to Achieve those Titles. What is the Meaning of That Pubg Title? All Doubts Regarding Pubg Titles Will Get Clear Here. Before Starting, Let Me Introduce Myself. I am Playing PUBG Mobile Since Season 2 and I Have Almost All the Titles Of PUbg Mobile. So, Let’s Get Started.

all titles in pubg mobile

Titles In Pubg Mobile

Pubg Titles Can Be Obtained by Performing task Of That Particular Title. Titles Will be Displayed With Your Pubg Names. For example, If you want a Well-Liked title You Need to get 1000 Likes on Your PUBG Profile. Once, you get 1000 Likes, a Well-Liked Title Will be Unlock for You. There is a Total of 23 Permanent Titles are There in Pubg Mobile to be Obtained. There are Lists Of PUBG Mobile Titles.

  1. Well-liked
  2. Weapon Master
  3. Overachiever
  4. Star Trainer
  5. Warhorse
  6. Maxed Out
  7. Pacifist
  8. Collector
  9. Chicken Dinner
  10. Deadeye
  11. Glass Cannon
  12. PUBGM Dominator
  13. PUBGM Warlord
  14. PUBGM Warrior
  15. Perseverance
  16. Perfectionist
  17. Unique Destiny
  18. Veteran
  19. Pubg Partner
  20. On a Mission
  21. Mythic Fashion
  22. Life-Long Learner
  23. Ace Title
  24. Conqueror Title

So, there is a list of the Total Number Of Pubg Mobile titles. Among them, Some titles are not Available for Normal Players. PUBGM Dominator, PUBGM Warlord, and PUBGM Warrior titles are Only Available for Players who Take part in Crew Challenge. Pubg provides Some Special titles to Some Special Players Only like PUBG Partner is Only Available to those Who Promote PUBG Mobile and Create PUBG Mobile Content.

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Different types of titles in PUBG Mobile

There are several types of titles that can be obtained in PUBG Mobile. Here is the List of Titles in Pubg Mobile.

1. Ranking titles

Ranking titles are titles that are Received by players based on their ranking in the game. These titles can range from “Bronze” to “Conqueror“. This title is Reset When New Royale Pass Arrive.

2. Event titles

Event titles are titles that are given to players for participating in in-game events. These events can range from simple events such as logging in daily to more complex events such as completing certain missions.

3. Achievement titles

Achievement titles are titles that are awarded to players for completing certain achievements within the game. These achievements can range from killing a certain number of players to surviving for a certain amount of time. e.g. Collector, Overachiever, etc.

Where i can Find My All Titles in Pubg Mobile?

Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile and Click on Missions on Bottom-Right Side.

Pubg Mobile Lobby

Step 2: Click on the Achievement Option.

Pubg Mobile Title

Step 3: Click On Any title You Want to Achieve. Once, You Click On it You will get the Required task to Achieve the Title.

What is Region Title in PUBG Mobile?

Region Title in Pubg Mobile is a Temporary title given to Only the Top 100 Players Of that Region in Particular Skills. There is a total of 12 Regional Titles in PUbg Mobile. This title Denotes your Ranking in a Particular Country and Comes with the prefix #. If You Have 48th Highest Headshot Kill in Your Country, Your Title Will Look Like #48 Headshot Kills. List Of 12 Country Titles in PUBG Mobile.

  • Solo Wins
  • Duo Wins
  • Squad Wins
  • Terminator
  • Gunslinger
  • Headshot Kills
  • Berserker
  • Grenadier
  • Scavenger
  • Close Encounter
  • Middle Man
  • Long Shot
Region Pubg Mobile Title

How to Get Region Title In PUBG Mobile?

Region title or Country title is Mainly Depend On Your Country Competition. If Your Country has a Huge number Of PUBG players then there will be Tough Competition to get the Title. On the Other, If your Country has a Low Pubg Player, it will be Easy to Get Region Country.

If you Highly Need that Title You can Simply Change Your Country in PUBG and Choose a Country where there is Low Competition. So, You can Achieve Country Title Easily.

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What is an Advantage of Pubg Mobile Titles?

Having titles in PUBG Mobile can provide several benefits, including:

  • Showcasing your skill level and achievements
  • Enhancing your in-game profile
  • Increasing your chances of being invited to play in a team


So, I Hope You Get All Your Answers Regarding Titles in PUBG Mobile. We Provide Tips and Tricks to Achieve All titles in other Post Briefly. So, If you like this article Please Let Us Know in the Comment Section. Now, We are Giving Answers, to Some of the Most Common Questions Regarding PUBG Titles.

How do I get a PUBG title?

To Get PUBG Mobile Title, You Need to Do Some Specific task to Achieve a Particular title. If you want a Well-Liked title You Need to get 1000 Likes on Your PUBG Profile

What is the best title in PUBG?

It Totally Varies for All Players. Everyone has their Own Choice. But, According to Me, Commando and Chicken Expert are One of the Best and Hardest titles in PUBG Mobile.

How do you get the #1/100 Title in PUBG?

Currently, #1/100 is Not Available to New Players. #1 or 1/100 title is a seasonal title that you can get only once a year during PUBG Mobile Anniversary. In this, You have to Eat 6 PUBG Mobile Anniversary Cakes.