Best Pubg Mobile Words or Slangs (OP, AFK, GG, Spray) 2023

Pubg Mobile Words or Slangs: Hey Gamerz, In this article we are going to see some Most Common terms or Slangs Used by Gamers in PUBG Mobile or Battlegrounds Mobile India. If you are New to battlegrounds India, These terms may be New for You. Players who play Bgmi or Pubg Mobile or Long Time will get what that term means.

Usually speaking through microphones, most gamers will not use the main words of that thing or thing but will use their own Term or Short Form of that Thing. When they use that term for Coordinating with a New Player, Newbies will not get that. So, In this article, we are going to see some Term that Pro Gamers Often uses in between games. So, Let’s get started.

Best Pubg Mobile Words or Slangs

Commonly Used Term of Slangs in BGMI

Some of the Most Common Used by Pro gamers are GG, OP & BGMI

Full-Form of OP in BGMI or PUBG Mobile is OverPowered. This term is used to appreciate the Weapon or Situation. In Bgmi, players whose Favorite gun is M416 or AKM, Say M416 is OP or AKM is OP.

Because they Love their Gun and Believe their Favorite gun is Powerful. This term is also used in a condition when a player defeats the enemy easily or shows a perfect win or toughest win. In such situations, one can say ‘OP’ or ‘OP Gameplay‘ to appreciate the performance.

The full form of GG is Good Game. It is Mostly used after the game end to show gratitude towards the teammates and thanking them. The full form of BGMI is battlegrounds Mobile India. It is an Indian version of PUBG Mobile developed by Kraton.

FPP in BGMI Stands for First Person Perspective. It Means You Can’t See Your Body in the Game. You see a Map with Your Character Eyes in the Game. TPP Stands for Third Person Perspective. In this, You can See Your Body from the Back.

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Now, Let’s See Some of the Most Commonly Used Slang in PUBG Mobile

Best Pubg Mobile Words or Slangs

Sr No.SlangsMeaning
1.8x8x scope
2.AFKAway from keyboard, meaning the player is not actively playing
3.BackpackA storage item used to carry additional items
4.BoostAway from the keyboard, meaning the player is not actively playing
5.BotA computer-controlled player in a multiplayer game
6.BRDMAn amphibious vehicle that can travel on land and water
7.Chicken dinnerWinning a match in PUBG Mobile or BGMI
8.CompensatorAn attachment that reduces recoil when firing weapons
9.CrateA loot container found throughout the game map
10.DPDP-28, a light machine gun in PUBG Mobile/BGMI
11.DropA parachute drop of a player into the game map
12.FlareA signal flare that can call in an airdrop or vehicle
13.FragA grenade or explosive device used to damage opponents
14.GlitchAn error or bug in the game that causes issues or exploits
15.KnockedWhen a player is downed and crawling on the ground
16.LootItems and resources gained by defeating enemies or completing objectives
17.MedsMedical supplies such as first aid kits and bandages
18.NadeA grenade or explosive device used to damage opponents
19.OPOverpowered, meaning something is too strong or effective
20.PUBGMEnergy drink or painkillers to increase health
21.SMGSubmachine gun, a type of firearm in PUBG Mobile/BGMI
22.SprayFiring a weapon in a short, controlled burst
23.TPPThird-person perspective, a view of the player’s character from behind
24.UziMicro Uzi, a submachine gun in PUBG Mobile/BGMI
25.VestThe playable area of the game map gradually shrinks over time
26.ZoneAway from the mouse, meaning the player is not actively playing with a mouse
27.AFMLooking for a group, used to find players to play with
28.GGGood game, used to express sportsmanship after a match
29.LFGPUBG Mobile, the mobile version of playerunknown’s Battlegrounds
30.RNGRandom number generator, used to describe luck or chance in the game
31.TDMProtective gear is worn by players to reduce damage
32.ADSAim down sight, the action of aiming down the sights of a weapon
33.AoEArea of effect, used to describe the

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What does “chicken dinner” mean in PUBG Mobile and BGMI?

“Chicken dinner” is a slang term used to describe winning a match in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. It refers to the message that appears on the screen when a player or team wins a match, which reads “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”.

What is the difference between PUBG Mobile and BGMI?

PUBG Mobile and BGMI are both mobile versions of the popular battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. However, BGMI is a version specifically designed for the Indian market, with some modifications and enhancements that are not available in the global version of PUBG Mobile.

What are some common weapons in PUBG Mobile and BGMI?

Some common weapons in PUBG Mobile and BGMI include assault rifles like the M416 and AKM, submachine guns like the Uzi and MP5K, sniper rifles like the Kar98k and AWM, and shotguns like the S12K and DBS. There are also a variety of attachments and accessories that can be used to enhance weapons, such as scopes, suppressors, and grips.

What are some tips for winning in PUBG Mobile and BGMI?

Some tips for winning in PUBG Mobile and BGMI include landing in a safe and strategic location, gathering loot and supplies quickly, staying aware of the shrinking play zone and moving to stay within it, using cover and terrain to your advantage, and communicating effectively with your team if playing in squads or duos. It’s also important to be patient and avoid taking unnecessary risks that could put you in danger.


So, this is all About BGMI or public Mobile slang and the Most Commonly Used term. If you like this article or have any Doubts. Please Let Us Know in the Comment Section. Thank You.

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