Pacifist Title: How to get Pacifist Title in BGMI or PUBG Mobile

Pacifist title is one of the Most Unique titles in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) or PUBG Mobile. Pacifist Title can be Obtained by Playing Solo Classic Match. To get the Pacifist title, you have to be Peace Lover & Chicken Grabber.

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How to get Pacifist Title

To get Pacifist Title, You have to win a Solo Classic Match without Killing a Single Player in Platinum or Above Tiers. Pacifist means you are not a war and violence lover. So, You have to get a Chicken dinner with 0 Kills to Unlock Pacifist Title.

Literally, I tried more than 30 times to get Pacifist tiles and finally get after implementing some Strategies. I will give you some Best Tips & Tricks which make it easy to get Pacifist tile for You.

Pacifist Title

Follow the Step Listed Below to get Pacifist Title

  1. Open BGMI game on Login in Your Account
  2. Click on Mission Option, Present on Bottom Right in Lobby.
  3. Click on achievement Section, then click on Glorious Moments.
  4. You will Find Pacifist Title in Glorious Moments Section.
  5. Now, You have to win a Solo Classic Match without Killing a Single Player in Platinum or Above Tiers

Once, You Completed the above Mission, Your Pacifist Title will be Unlocked.

Tips to get Pacifist Title Fast & Easily

Getting Pacifist tile in BGMI or PUBG Mobile Might be difficult for a newbie Player. When I try for Pacifist Title, I got Frustrated because most of the time I get killed in TOP 3. So, there are some tips to get Pacifist Title Easily

  • Always Land away from Plane Route and Find Some Safe Place.
  • Try to be Present in the Edge of Blue Zone for 3 – 4 Zone.
  • Always Carry Lots of Smoke and First Aids for Last 2 Circles (More than 10)
  • Always do Heal battle in Last Circle.
  • Final Tips, If it Possible Try to Play with Friend in Solo Match. If you and Your Friend Click on Start Button at same time of Same Mode, there is a Huge Possibilty that Both of You will Come in Same Server.

Note: Team-Up in Solo Match is Not Allowed and BGMI Might Banned your Account for Some Time.

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