Overachiever Title: Easiest Way to get Overachiever Title in BGMI and PUBG

PUBG Mobile or BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has lots of titles to achieve. Among this Overachiever title is one of the Most Easiest Title. Mainly, Newbies players get the Overachiever title within 2 Months of Playing BGMI or PUBG. So, Let’s See How to get Overachiever Title in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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Easiest Way to get Overachiever Title

Overachiever Title is one of the Easiest titles you can Achieve in bgmi or PUBG Mobile. To get the Overachiever title, you have to Complete 2500 Achievement Points by Completing Various Missions and tasks listed in Achievement Section.

Overachiever Title in BGMi

Follow the Step Listed Below to get Overachiever Title

To get Overachiever Title In Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG Mobile. Follow the Below Steps

  • Open BGMI game on Login in Your Account
  • Click on Mission Option, Present on Bottom Right in Lobby.
  • Click on Achievements Section, then click on Glorious Moments.
  • You will Find Overachiever Title in Glorious Moments Section.
  • Complete 2500 Achievement Points and Claim your Overachiver Title.

The Real Meaning of Overachiever Title is You are Chosen One. Once, You complete the 2500 Achievement points, your Achievement Title Will be Unlocked.

Tips to get Overachiever Title Fast & Easily

It may be difficult for some players to get Overachiever Title. So, there is some Tips & Tricks which the help of Which you can Archive Overachiever Easily.

  • Complete Easiest Mission, Present on Achievement Section.
  • Play Every types of Match (TDM, Classic, Arcade). Don’t Stick to Single Mode.
  • Buy Royale Pass to Get More Rewards & Achievement Points.

Recently, BGMI and PUBG Mobile have Launched their v1.6 and it contains lots of New Features Including Vikendi 2.0, Quad Bike, Payload 2.0, Infection Mode, and More. You can Download BGMI v1.6 from here.

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